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mailbagGuests have sent many comments and observations about their time down on the farm. Here are some excerpts:

"Most people read storybooks to their kids about farms and what people do on a farm, but for our family to experience a farm, hands on, was really something special and NOTHING can replace that experience." - Brian W, New York

"We had an utterly fantastic time!" Brownie Troop, eastern PA

"We so much enjoyed our brief stay with you in July. It was a real memory-maker for our family!" Ken and Peggy, New Jersey

"The pumpkins made great Jack O' Lanterns," Rick T, Lancaster, PA

"A theme park could never compare with being honked at by a protective goose or the always memorable popcorn demonstration." Laura D, York, PA

"I want to thank you for the tractor ride and what you taught me." Mia L, Connecticut

"Don and Ginny made the farm tour much more interesting than I imagined. I've never met two people who put so much thought into everything they do. I guess you have to be thorough when your life depends on your farm. Don told us about the different kinds of corn they grow: everything from sweet corn to dimpled corn for animal feed. They set up complicated terraces, which have evolved over time to conserve almost 100 percent of rainfall. They even planted grass and alfalfa to replenish the soil year after year. There's so much to do on a farm." Katie and Mark, New Jersey

"We continue to plot and dream about our next trip to the barn at Verdant View...and we're now eating a lot of Land 'O Lakes butter!" Jana M, Virginia

"Our visit at your home and farm was unquestionably the highlight of our road trip across the was refreshing to experience a simplier way of life, having come from the 12 million in NYC. " Larry and Todd, New York

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