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How long do the tours take?
Tours range from 1-2 hours in duration.

What other attractions are close?
Please visit our location page for a full list of nearby attractions. Highlights include Strasburg Railroad (including Thomas the Tank Engine on select weeks), Intercourse, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm, buggy rides, quilt shops and much more.

What clothing should I wear?
Casual, weather-appropriate clothing and sturdy, closed-toed shoes or boots are advised.

What if it rains the day of my tour?
Farm tours are weather dependent, but it takes severe weather to alarm these farmers.

Do the animals bite, kick or scratch?
The Verdant View farm animals are generally quite tame, but caution should be exercised in approaching any animal. Cows don't have teeth on their top gums, so they don't have the capacity to bite....but you could get a "cowlick"! Geese and swans can be very protective of their young, so don't get the goose's gander up. Please ask your tour guide for further guidance on picking up any of the other small farm animals.

Are there accommodations to stay overnight at the farm?
Verdant View Farm also offers a Bed & Breakfast for overnight lodging. In business since 1967, it is one of the longest-running B&Bs in Lancaster County. Check out more info and make reservations here:

Can we bring a scout group, youth group or school group?
Yes! All farm activities are ideally suited to groups, and group rates are available. Verdant View Farm has hosted many tour and overnight guests over the years, and we welcome the interaction that comes with larger groups.

Do you accommodate school field trips?
Yes! Given the educational, experiential focus of the Verdant View Farm tours, school groups are a perfect fit.

Can you accommodate buses?
Yes! The grounds, wagon and tours can accommodate bus groups.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
Yes! The wagon is designed with a ramp for full wheelchair accessibility. Many areas of the farm and barn tour are wheelchair accessible.

Can you cater lunch?
Meals are not included in the tours. Lunches can be arranged for groups of 20+ upon prior notification. Local eateries provide excellent box lunches at reasonable prices.

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